Classic jewel of the sea with the scent of novelty.

Pearl Wave

There were many times where I went to the beach, just to listen to the sound of waves rushing to the shore. To me, it was one of the most soothing and tranquil sounds that exist. It brings so many things back to me, memories, yet more than just memories. My home in China was […]

Brooch Pineapple Apple Earring! BPAE!

With a gently warm breeze, a soothing wave, and people watching the FIFA World Cup, Vancouver’s tardy summer has finally arrived! Summer here is very tranquil, peaceful, and lovely. Everyday is warm and cozy, and yet not scorching hot. For a summer like this, jewelry pieces become an essence for Vancouver’s summer fashion styles and […]

Another Prince has married a Princess

In the modern era, every girl may have the heart of a princess, meaning, they long for the fairytale love, meeting their prince charming, then be happily ever after. But the reality is often cruel, princes are very rare and scarce. Though that wasn’t the case for Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex. Growing […]

The Season of Sakura

Sakura, or Cherry Blossoms, is one of the many iconic symbols of Japan. The pink and white colour, the pure and vibrant petals, they radiate vitality from the lively branches. Luckily, if you are in Vancouver, you don’t have to travel all the way to Japan just to see sakura, there are so many places […]

The Shape of Raindrops

Although Spring is definitely on the way, Vancouver’s weather has resembled a volatile kid perfectly. 10 degrees celsius in the morning with an energizing dawn, 18 degrees in the afternoon with the gorgeous sunshine, and 8 degrees at dusk with dark clouds in the sky, and these are just the ordinary fare for Vancouverites. Vancouver […]

Ex Stories, Ex Pearls.

Recently, a movie called EX-FILES lit up the Chinese movie community. The story talked about how people react to breakups and a series of bloopers and emotional moments that the couple experienced. Modena (Preorder Required) Surely, breaking up and ending a long time love relationship can be excruciatingly painful. Two people meet each other, get […]

A Model Who Shines is a Woman Who Knows How to Treat Herself Well

If you believe in yourself and feel confident in yourself, you can do anything, I really believe that.   On a hot summer day of 1992, a girl was born in a family run by a caring man who is an emergency doctor, and a beautiful woman who is a creative artist.   Growing up, […]

The Modern and Fashionable Duchess of Cambridge

For a princess living in the modern era, Kate Middleton lived a life just like most girls who grew up in the 1980s, went to school in the 1990s, found love in the 2000s, and got married in the 2010s. However, unlike any other girl, she married Prince William, and that gave her the fate […]

Lady Diana’s styles

  Diana Spencer is perhaps one of the most well-known royal figures all around the world. Her beauty bloomed like flowers, her kindness radiated like the sun. Although she had an unsatisfying marriage and a tragic death, her image and reputation were never deteriorated. Every royal woman has a unique fashion style. Being an extremely […]

Queen Elizabeth’s Legend – Part Two

When Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, she welcomed the best turning point in her life; when Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip, it was somewhat a big turning point too, but her life after marriage was not nearly as smooth as Queen Victoria’s. After her father King George VI died, she assumed the throne and devoted […]

Queen Elizabeth’s Legend – Part One

The charismatic Queen Elizabeth is a well-respected figure not only in England but all around the world. Being the longest reigning queen in the history of England, she lived a wondrous life, a roller coaster life, a bittersweet life, and of course, a life as bright as the finest jewelry in the world. Feathering Raindrop […]

Queen Victoria’s Secret

The Mighty Queen Victoria was an iconic figure in the history of the United Kingdom. During the 63 years of her reign, the United Kingdom experienced unprecedented growth and prosperity. She gave her people a legendary age; she gave later generations an invaluable wealth and an exciting story to tell. Although she was born in […]

A Woman to Queen, a Stone to Pearl

Much like a pearl, a Queen’s heart is full of beauty and resilience, resources and purity. She used to be the daughter of a prisoner, but now she is the Queen of Qatar. A story and plot which you only expect to see in movies are given to us by Sheikha Mozah. Her father was […]