Ex Stories, Ex Pearls.

Recently, a movie called EX-FILES lit up the Chinese movie community. The story talked about how people react to breakups and a series of bloopers and emotional moments that the couple experienced.

Modena (Preorder Required)

Surely, breaking up and ending a long time love relationship can be excruciatingly painful. Two people meet each other, get to know each other, fall in love with each other, spend time with each other, then throw all those away to break up… much like two people spend so much time together to breed a shiny pearl, then break it into a thousand pieces.


Think about the day when s/he looked into your eyes.


Think about the time when s/he first held your hand.

Think about the moment when s/he keen lips touched your face.

A lot of valuable memories, gone with the wind.

Friend A recently broke up with her boyfriend. She kept on crying every day, calling and hanging out with her girlfriends for comforts. On one such night, she drank a good amount of wine, and with the intoxication of alcohol, she called her boyfriend, or I should say, ex-boyfriend, to pick her up.

He refused firmly, then tears filled her eyes, washed her makeup.

She did not give up. She kept posting old photos on her social media accounts, hoping that one day he would come back to talk to her, or leave a comment, or even just click the like button… but that never happened. 

Until one day, friend A suddenly saw her beloved mr.ex, holding another girl’s hand happily in the park. And that was the moment when she realized, their love story has ended a long time ago.

She deleted all their photos, cleared all her social media accounts, burnt all the letters he once wrote her… she threw everything related to him away, but she kept only a pair of pearl earrings once her ex-boyfriend bought for her.


Why would she keep that? Well… well, BECAUSE THEY ARE EXPENSIVE!!!


Also, because jewelry pieces such as pearl pieces have the ability to keep and maintain their value with proper care and treatments.


People once said that pearls are the tears of mermaids, because of their purity, their color, and of course, the way they were born, that’s where the symbolism came from. That is also the reason, why a lot of loving couples keep a piece or a set of pearl jewelry to symbol their love and memory, more so when they break up.


When in a relationship, make sure you get the pieces that symbol love and affection, and even if tears have to be dropped, they are tears of happiness.


When the person you love becomes your ex, leave no regrets, and make yourself shine nonetheless. A girl who knows style and fashion will never run short of love and admirers. A fine girl is a girl who knows to treat herself well in all kinds of situations, whether it’s in a relationship full of love or the moment when she brilliantly walks away from it.

Treat yourself today, with DK Pearla, shine like a pearl, fine like a girl.