Pearl Wave

There were many times where I went to the beach, just to listen to the sound of waves rushing to the shore. To me, it was one of the most soothing and tranquil sounds that exist.

It brings so many things back to me, memories, yet more than just memories.

My home in China was right beside the sea and the beach, I could hear the sound of the waves every night after sunset. When I was young, my mom used to read me a lot of fairy tales. I liked them for their exciting stories, for the principal behind the stories, and for their ability to place me in the midst of the beautiful and magical atmosphere. The sound of the waves always accompanied my feelings, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud. 

I used to cry when I learned that the Little Mermaid turned into the bubbling foam, smiled when I learned that the prince had found Cinderella, squirmed when Snow White ate the poisonous apple, and fell right asleep when I heard the Nightingale’s tranquil songs.

Then I grew up, became tougher, stronger, and less emotionally volatile.

When the saw the purple pearl, though, all the emotions of childhood seem to be rushing back to me.

The pearl resembled the tears of the Little Mermaid, shined like the crystal shoes of Cinderella, although looked much like the poisonous apple that the Snow White ate, still beamed like the eyes of the Nightingale.

When I hold it in my hand, I can feel its heartbeat, trying to radiate vitality, and passing the energy to me. I don’t wear jewelry products, but I do adore them, as DK Pearla pieces feel like my sons and daughters. I enjoy the time when I take purple pearl to the beach, and hope it will like the sound of waves as much as I did… and sure it did, because for the pearl, that’s the sound of home.