The Shape of Raindrops

Although Spring is definitely on the way, Vancouver’s weather has resembled a volatile kid perfectly. 10 degrees celsius in the morning with an energizing dawn, 18 degrees in the afternoon with the gorgeous sunshine, and 8 degrees at dusk with dark clouds in the sky, and these are just the ordinary fare for Vancouverites.


Vancouver has a really famous reputation for precipitations, especially during Autumn, Winter, and some parts of Spring, thus came the name “Raincouver”. A lot of people dislike the rain, and prefer a sunny weather, but Vancouverites are used to the raindrops, as they symbolizes the beginning of a new season, and welcome raindrops as the greetings from an old friend.


Of course, as a Vancouver local brand, DK Pearla welcomes raindrops just as any other Vancouverite. Sometimes, the rain of Vancouver feel magical, as we can dwell ourselves in a world of tranquility, where the only sound you can hear is the sound of raindrops hitting the ground gently. This is one of the reasons, why drop shaped pearls are popular here, and DK Pearla presents unique pieces with drop shaped pearls, they resemble the rain of Vancouver perfectly.




Rain Rain Don’t Go Away

Stay Here For Another Day

DK Pearla Wants to Play