Another Prince has married a Princess

In the modern era, every girl may have the heart of a princess, meaning, they long for the fairytale love, meeting their prince charming, then be happily ever after. But the reality is often cruel, princes are very rare and scarce. Though that wasn’t the case for Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex.

Growing up in the city of LA, Meghan pursued a career as an actress. She was fairly successful, making a noticeable reputation. Maybe if she continued her journey in the Hollywood, she could develop herself into a star. However, the day she met her friend Misha Nanoo, her destiny was royally redirected, because Misha (reportedly) then introduced her to a real prince, Prince Harry.

People say love at first sight rarely exists, but that might change when it comes to a prince’s life. For Prince Harry and Meghan, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but it was around the third time they saw each other, still, it was fast. However, that wasn’t a relationship where everyone thought would last very long… since Meghan Markle was divorced and had an ex-husband already, and for a royal family, Meghan wasn’t an ideal princess. Nonetheless, she had her styles and charms, being a lady with temperament.

Besides the full set of jewelry pieces that Meghan wore at the wedding, she usually had simple jewelry style, with necklaces, bracelets, and rings with less significant gemstones or decorations. As pictures shown. These styles are a great fit for everyday dress styles, even in the summer. With the simple, amiable yet stylish design, they will fit most of the clothes in your wardrobe, yet they still embellish every part of your beauty and attractiveness.







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Let the fairy tale continue, with a love story of your own. But first, let these fine jewelry pieces make you an even better princess.