A Model Who Shines is a Woman Who Knows How to Treat Herself Well

If you believe in yourself and feel confident in yourself, you can do anything, I really believe that.


On a hot summer day of 1992, a girl was born in a family run by a caring man who is an emergency doctor, and a beautiful woman who is a creative artist.


Growing up, her family and friends discovered an unusual talent of dancing and arts in her, probably her body coordination skills came from her hard-working doctor father, and of course, arts came with her mom’s blood.

One problem was bothering her at that time: her torso and legs were growing and expanding at the speed of light, and her tallness soon made it extremely hard for her to dance. Though she stopped ballet path, it gave her valuable training on muscles, movement, and rhythm, and it gave her a solid foundation for modeling.

Sometimes what everyone needs is just an opportunity, and Karlie Kloss grabbed hers and made the most out of it. At the age of 13, she was discovered by scouts when she walked on a charity fashion show. And thus, she started her modeling career and has gained reputable popularity since then.

About a week ago, the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was held in Shanghai, and of course, someone as famous as Karlie Kloss would definitely be invited to be one of their beautiful models, along with quite a few other elegant models around the world.

Her pace flows like a Persian cat


Her gesture freezes like a dazzling crystal

Her beauty shines like the northern star

Her composure saturates like the red wine


If you think she only looks like a shiny pearl from the outside, then you are definitely wrong. Being a very cultivated girl, Karlie Kloss knows how to invest her time and money in the best way, like most gorgeous women would do.


She had made constant donations to various charities, even handing out homemade Karlie Kookies at fashion shows.


She invests money to design fashion that suits tall girls, and of course, she worked with campaigns with several big brands like Louis Vuitton and Coach. Oh yea, and not to mention, her boyfriend, Joshua Kushner, is the brother of the son-in-law of the current president of the USA, Donald Trump.

She is loved by her friends

She is adored by her fans


A woman who shines is a woman who knows how to treat herself well.


You can start to treat yourself well today


You can start to treat yourself better today