Eunha 3




  • The body necklaces are made of leather, and pearls are lustrous, white colour, Baroque shape natural freshwater pearls. Exquisitely decorate your necks, wrists, hair, or gift it to surprise your loved ones, create an art vibe of your own with Eunha. Unique and stylish, let Eunha add an exotic flavour to your exquisite jewelry box. Eunha, our necklace/bracelet/hair string/belt with 17 baroque shape pearls. Meet Eunha, the Magic by DK Pearla.
  • Note: When wearing this piece as a bracelet, carefully wind around your wrist and make sure to not tangle the pearls around, as pearls may fall off with too much force or a knot that is too tight.


  • Firm leather body
  • Gorgeous natural freshwater pearls
  • Pearls are baroque shape and white/ dyed black
  • Pearls sizes are 9mm - 10mm
  • Every pearl is unique, sizes may vary slightly